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Bastion Relationships

♥♥♥♥♥ - Love. She'll fight tooth and nail for you.
♥♥♥♥ - Close friend or family. You're someone she can and will depend on.
♥♥♥ - Friend and ally. She'll trust her back to you.
♥♥ - She's still getting to know you, but she likes what she sees.
- You're getting along so far.
- Neutral. She doesn't know what to make of you yet.
- Annoyance. Something about you kind of bugs her.
♠♠ - Dislike. She has a hard time putting up with you.
♠♠♠ - Strong dislike. It won't take much to turn from argument to fighting.
♠♠♠♠ - Strong grudge. You've done things she thinks you should pay for.
♠♠♠♠♠ - Hatred. She wants you dead and it's personal.

Aoi Asahina[personal profile] amphibian ♥♥♥♥♥
Zuko's girlfriend! Aoi has a boundless enthusiasm for the things she loves and a talent for seeing things positively. She's one of the few people who really encourages Zuko to think about normal things like fun, and being around her makes Zuko think better of herself. Aoi makes her feel like she's worthy and capable. Except when it comes to romance; Zuko is still very unsure of herself when it comes to being girlfriends instead of just friends, but she's trying.

Rin Okumura[personal profile] hellpyre ♥♥♥♥
Rin is one of those people who always tries to do the right thing, who makes friends easily (apparently in spite of herself) and values them highly. She first accepted Zuko as her teacher, both in the sword and in her control of fire, even if Rin is not exactly a firebender. They share more than just an affinity for fire, as Rin is also someone who understands what it's like to struggle through things, and she's grown to be one of Zuko's closest friends and confidantes. Zuko trusts that she can tell Rin anything, and still find support and understanding.

Paarthurnax[personal profile] wayofvoice ♥♥♥
Paarthurnax was the first to welcome Zuko into the Bastion. As a dragon, he gained her respect immediately, but she's learned that they have a surprising amount in common. The actions of his people parallel her own Fire Nation, and Paarthurnax was the one to turn traitor for the sake of restoring balance to his world. It's reassuring somehow, to know that someone with a past like hers is such a respected member of the Bastion. Zuko can always count on him as a source of wisdom.

Tobias[personal profile] notachickenhawk ♥♥♥
His shapeshifting ability really startled her, but she's come to know him as someone who wouldn't misuse it. He's a good person, though about as socially awkward and serious-minded as she is. He's been through a lot in the past, having fought in a war himself, and though Zuko thought someone like him would judge her for being on the wrong side, he hasn't. They view things similarly, and have a tendency to get on depressing topics, but maybe understanding where Tobias comes from is part of why she feels she can count on him.

Megaera[personal profile] twinked_witch ♥♥♥
A wizard who's actually a number of decades older than she looks. Zuko supposes that's given her time enough to gain her confidence and some measure of wisdom. She's a good listener, although they come from different perspectives. Zuko trusts her both in battle and with her feelings.

Ibuki Mioda[personal profile] scary_music ♥♥
Loud and unpredictable, Zuko considers her probably the weirdest person in the Bastion. Zuko likes her well enough and recognizes that she wants to be friends, but everything she does is over-the-top and hard for Zuko to relate to. It does mean a lot to her that Ibuki believes in her.

Ryu[personal profile] amnesiadragon ♥♥
Despite a somewhat confusing existence of being half-dragon-god, Ryu seems to have a simple outlook on the rest of the world. Zuko views him as one of the kindest and most open-hearted people in the Bastion, but maybe overly trusting. After all, he thinks she's a nice person.

Takane[personal profile] headphoneactor
She's a little standoffish, but Zuko actually finds her pretty easy to talk to.

Ippo[personal profile] windgod
He has power as a fighter, but he's reckless and lacks discipline. He recognizes the need for change, and seems to have made some progress since Zuko first met him in the Gasfella hunt. He's a surprisingly humble person, and gives her more respect than she feels she's earned.

Makoto Naegi[personal profile] bulletofhope
Aoi's friend from home. An even-tempered and caring person, he seems like a good friend to her.

Mitellux[personal profile] legendary_can_opener
Although much more stern and reserved than Paarthurnax, Zuko still respects her and trusts her to look after Kizuna sometimes. She can't blame Mitellux for her mistrust of humans, especially considering what happened in her own world.

Rob[personal profile] dragonsorcsandwolves
When she first met him, Rob had such a low opinion of himself that speaking with him was, at times, like talking to everything Zuko hates about herself. During his time in the Bastion, she's seen him start to have confidence in himself, and he's proven brave (if reckless) in a fight. Zuko's glad for his progress, but doubts she's had anything to do with it. She lacks the patience and distance from her own issues to be supportive, and she's often too forceful with him, as though she can bully self-esteem into him. They've started getting along better, but she's sure he still dislikes her.

Ikuri[personal profile] darkshooter
Zuko doesn't understand the situation Ikuri comes from, and the girl herself is... complicated. At times Ikuri seems incredibly self-aware, and at others she's almost naive, relating to the world as though she's never experienced it before. She's definitely someone who feels all of her emotions strongly, and that has on several occasions led her to a violence that Zuko can't quite relate to. Ikuri's world view is a lot more black-and-white than her own, and that can put them at odds, but Zuko still considers her a potential friend..

Zee & Vee (NPCs) ♦ [personal profile] bastionpc
Two Ura boys who asked her and Aoi out on a double date. They're sweet, but incurably reckless.

Ahime (NPC) ♦ [personal profile] bastionpc
A skilled warrior, though she seems to devalue herself.

Ghaleon[personal profile] four_quarts
Patient and level-headed, Zuko has found him a dependable ally. She just can't think too hard on his being undead.

Nanaki[personal profile] findsrisks
She says she has visions, of bad things happening to people. It must make things hard for her, but she doesn't seem to let it get her down. She's also pretty perceptive.

Haruka Kokonose[personal profile] bedheadstyle
Very friendly and at least a little oblivious.

AZ[personal profile] gianthobo
He seems kind and patient. Someone who's had a lot of time to learn from his mistakes.

Patchouli[personal profile] heptagram
Zuko doesn't know her very well, but she seems to be good... friends? with Megaera.

Anna (NPC) ♦ [personal profile] bastionpc
Stewart's daughter. A sweet and well-meaning kid.

(The Disciple) ♦ [personal profile] disciplewhomsignlessloves
All Zuko is sure of is she comes from a very strange place.

Zed (NPC) ♦ [personal profile] bastionpc
The leader of the Ura group. Slow to trust, but Zuko thinks they've come to respect each other.

Stewart (NPC) ♦ [personal profile] bastionpc
Anna's father and the Bastion's blacksmith.

Otoha[personal profile] bakegarasu
He didn't make a good first impression on Zuko, but she's since found him dependable in a fight, and maybe not as set in his worldview as she thought. He seems to be questioning whether his old path is still the one he should be on.

Ryuuji[personal profile] kyotoprincess
Rin's boyfriend.

N[personal profile] unwrittenformula
A pokemon trainer. He probably doesn't belong in a fight.

Nathaniel (NPC) ♦ [personal profile] bastionpc
He seems to know the most about this world's native technology, including the Bastion itself.

Georges (NPC) ♦ [personal profile] bastionpc
Bastion's bartender.

Alucard[personal profile] superdrowningskills
Unfortunately Zuko mostly knows him as the guy who got his face bashed in by the Gasfella.

(The Helmsman) ♦ [personal profile] polariity
For someone who can't talk, he still manages to be pretty rude.

Zulf[personal profile] fuckthemancers
It's always been apparent that Zulf has a lot weighing on his mind; after all, he's even more pessimistic than Zuko, which is impressive on its own. But apparently the secrets he's been keeping have to do with the Calamity and how they all wound up in this situation, and Zuko doesn't appreciate him keeping them in the dark like that, even if she does on some level understand that it was hard to talk about.

Azula[personal profile] fireburn ♠♠
Zuko has a lot of conflicted feelings about Azula. On the one hand, they're sisters, and she feels like that should mean something. In spite of everything, she still cares about Azula and doesn't want her to suffer the same break with sanity as after their Agni Kai. But she doesn't trust her in the slightest and just talking to her dredges up a lot of anger and insecurity. She expects Azula to keep lying to her and putting her down and causing trouble for her friends. She wishes she could believe her when she says she wants to "start over," but she doesn't.

"Red" (NPC) ♦ [personal profile] bastionpc ♠♠
The leader of the team that ambushed them. She and her people are responsible for Crona's death, but Zahi's deception led them to believe they were justified. Maybe by now she realizes they weren't.

Zahi (NPC) ♦ [personal profile] bastionpc ♠♠
Zuko thought well of Zahi, and his betrayal hurt her more than it angered her. Though others might want revenge, Zuko can recognize some of her old self in him. He believed in what he was doing, and he wanted his world and family back so badly that it blinded him to the wrongs he was committing. Though she's frustrated with him for not backing down, Zuko has hope he'll eventually realize his mistakes.

Colin[personal profile] freedom_engineer ♠♠♠♠
Zuko can recognize that he intends to work for the good of the Bastion, but he's arrogant, a poor leader, and speaks as though his way is the only right way of doing anything. From the start, his personality grated on her nerves, but she could at least respect his knowledge and skill with technology. By now their relationship has deteriorated to a point where Zuko can't stand to work with him even for the Bastion's best interests. Not only does he seem to disrespect his allies, he holds Zuko in particular to some unfair double-standard. Like her father, he seems to view her as a failure no matter what she does, and for once she's trying to put herself first by cutting him off.

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Dropped Characters

Toph Bei Fong[personal profile] tophgirl ♥♥♥
The first to accept Zuko into Team Avatar. Zuko respects Toph not just for her skill as a bender but for the way she deals with the world. She just doesn't let things weigh her down like Zuko does. She can be pretty rough on people, but that's how she shows she likes them. Zuko hopes Toph considers her a friend.

Ryu[personal profile] dragonform ♥♥♥
A dragon of his world, as well as a swordsman and healer. Although Ryu recognizes the seriousness of their situation, like Aang he still manages to keep a light heart. He's open about what he's been through and free with his opinions, the kind of person who isn't afraid to put his heart into something. He seems to want what's best for everyone in the Bastion, including Zuko. She isn't used to people showing her so much consideration.

Red[personal profile] littlerat
A pokemon trainer. There are things about that that are a little strange to Zuko, but his animals seem to trust him, and Red himself seems bright and down-to-earth. Conversations with him are usually constructive.

Crona[personal profile] blackblooded
Crona seems timid, but is actually kind of stubborn. They both seem to know what it's like to feel like a screw up.

Skysong "Kitten"[personal profile] skysung
A young dragon who served as translator in the Gasfella fight. Although she describes herself as an infant, Zuko finds her polite and clever.

Anna[personal profile] aprettyred
A quiet and inquisitive little girl. Maybe a little sheltered before now.

Yukio Okumura[personal profile] doctor_dragoon
Rin's brother. He seems level-headed.

Takamura[personal profile] kuma_killer
He's pretty arrogant, but he is a solid fighter. He apparently thought pretty well of her since he asked her out, but Zuko is worried that's changed since she let slip she isn't into men.

Edea[personal profile] coffeewithmysugar
A little arrogant, but she has a talent for weaponry which justifies some of it.

Calem[personal profile] chosenbylife
Somewhat full of himself and not completely in touch with reality, but more dependable than she thought he'd be.

Tris[personal profile] stormsinbraids
Zuko only knows her from her actions in the Gasfella hunt, but she seems competent.

Kibachiyo[personal profile] laughingdragon
A spirit, though not one from the Spirit World Zuko knows of.

(Saix) ♦ [personal profile] croceamors
Zuko has only really seen him at group meetings, but he usually has something sensible to say.

Skyla Arkin[personal profile] magisperica

(Duke Pantarei) ♦ [personal profile] notduchess
Quiet but capable.

(Jane Crocker) ♦ [personal profile] cyan_maid

(Raile) ♦ [personal profile] followsthevoice
Zulf's friend.

The Emissary[personal profile] emissaries

Malak[personal profile] treasureling

(Butch Flowers) ♦ [personal profile] pleasedaspunch

Raimundo[personal profile] therealprotagonist
He's a decent fighter, some sort of airbender.

Night[personal profile] darkasnight
Another version of the Night whom Zuko never knew when she was alive. It's pretty disconcerting.

(Samwise Gamgee) ♦ [personal profile] uluithiad
A reckless little man, but there's something to be said for his bravery.

Kiyotaka Ishimaru[personal profile] alwaysintense
It's almost alarming how enthusiastic this guy can get about things.

(Maya Schroedinger) ♦ [personal profile] schroedingersgun

(Angelo) ♦ [personal profile] beauchevalier

Jay[personal profile] amourtician

(Hikaru Hitachiin) ♦ [personal profile] individuating
Unproductive, impractical, and annoying.