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Bastion Index / Profile


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Age: 17

Height: 5'6" (168cm)

Race: Human

Residence: Fire Nation Cottage

Notable Inventory

Shards: 374 (as of Day 338)

Amulet of Mara (from Paarthurnax)

♦ Bag of Holding (from Megaera)

♦ Digital Camera

♦ Dual Dao Swords

♦ Fire Nation Banner

♦ Pearl-Handled Dagger

Portrait of Iroh

Portrait of Ursa

♦ Potion of Invisibility (17 seconds)

Royal Armor

♦ Tea Set

♦ Travel Cloak (from Megaera)

Tsungi Horn


Firebending - The ability to create and manipulate fire. Although Zuko does not possess the effortless skill of her father, uncle, or sister, she has still achieved a significant level of mastery. Only the most advanced techniques such as lightning generation are beyond her, and she is the only character to have demonstrated the ability to firebend through weapons, using it together with her dual swords. Within the Bastion setting, Zuko's firebending is limited to three five-minute periods per day. Additionally, as firebending is dependent on the sun, her ability is slightly weaker at night.


[None Yet]


Boating (Average) - Primarily steamboats, though she has some familiarity with sail.

Dovahzul (Beginner) - Zuko attends Paarthurnax's lessons.

Dual Swords (Master) - Zuko has a natural talent with swords. She trained with Master Piandao while still in the Fire Nation, and wields them with ease, as if they were extensions of her own body.

First Aid (Beginner)

Kuai Ball / Volleyball (Master)

Riding (Average) - Ostrich horses, komodo rhinos, sky bison.

Sewing (Beginner)

Stealth (Master) - Zuko can conceal herself when she needs to, and has infiltrated both a heavily-guarded Fire Nation fortress and the Dai Li headquarters without being detected.

Swimming (Average)

Tea-Making (Beginner)

Tsungi Horn (Average)

Unarmed Combat (Master) - While again not as skilled as her sister, Zuko is still well above average, and capable of evading or even disarming other opponents. Many firebending forms translate well to non-bending attacks.